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It exceeded all expectations. By using Projectplace we saved a full man-year on the project.

Kim Christensen - Senior Project Manager at Carlsberg

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Carlsberg used Projectplace for its ZORBA project, resulting in a new solution for managing 12,000 valves and pumps. “It exceeded all expectations. By using Projectplace we saved a full man-year on the project,” says Kim Christensen, Senior Project Manager,  Carlsberg.

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Skanska works with demanding construction projects, in which a multitude of specialist consultants need to be kept up-to-date. These types of comprehensive projects can pose a number of project management challenges.

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AEG Power Solutions manages all IT projects with Projectplace, making use of its full range of functionalities. The introduction of Projectplace has allowed the IT teams in the various branches across the world, which previously operated as “scattered units”, to form a global unit.

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