Back end developer, Bengaluru India

Right now the opportunity is open for a passionate back end developer to join the Projectplace development team in Bengaluru, India.

Projectplace offers the right person the opportunity to be a part of a value driven, fast growing, inspiring and multicultural company environment developing Europe's leading online service for Project Collaboration. 

We develop our products with the following mindset:

  • Modern projects are temporary social systems where people come together to work towards a common goal in mutual trust.
  • Our offer caters to professionals that are driven by a strong need to contribute to a bigger whole.
  • To succeed it is vital to be fast moving and quick to embrace change in project priorities.
  • We put our trust in decentralization of control, where individual initiatives are encouraged.


  • know that a good team will always outperform the best individual.
  • love writing clean and reusable code.
  • are passionate about your work and have a desire to always learn more and share your knowledge.
  • are excited by working with agile frameworks like Extreme Programming and Scrum.
  • would love to work with others in multi-disciplinary scrum teams.
  • love being on the winning team.


  • Mastery of Python and/or other object oriented programming language.
  • We will also value skills in other programming languages and frameworks.

At Projectplace you will collaborate closely with talented designers and developers in Stockholm and Bangalore with lots of opportunities to get inspired and inspire others from. We will make you the master of your workday with lots of freedom in introducing new features, new technologies etc. You will be involved in the full life cycle of our projects, from brainstorm to delivery and maintenance.

Yes, when we say passionate developer, we mean it. This job is yours if you have the passion we mentioned above and can add to that the right attitude towards team work and the skills we are looking for.

When applying for this position please include a cover letter describing yourself and a resume of previous experience. Incomplete applications will be ignored.

Apply by sending an e-mail to

About Projectplace

Founded in 1998, Projectplace is one of the world's first SaaS Solutions. The Projectplace System core is written solely in Python and we developers use it heavily in our daily life. Python has played a significant role in our success, giving us a competitive advantage of enabling rapid innovation.


We use SCRUM as our project methodology in our development cycle. Developers have adopted the XP methodology like Pair Programming, Unit Testing, TDD since 2006 and it fits well with our working culture. We are a value driven company and below are the five core values that are lived in our everyday developer life at Projectplace.

Core values

  • We want to achieve more
  • We are on the same team
  • We are straightforward
  • We are agile
  • We make it easy



Initiatives are an integral part of our development team. We believe that any initiative is good and strive hard to make each developer get high on the initiative ladder. We encourage developers to come up with new ideas and we give them their space & time to implement what they think is good for us. Tech talks about any new feature, technology or something relevant to computers is an everyday activity at Projectplace.

We have found that we need to be platform/programming language independent to make our service better. So, the past few years there have been very many innovative projects which were personal initiatives from our developers that have given us the opportunity as a company to gain knowledge in various frameworks and languages such as, Objective C, Flex, GWT, Java for Android etc. Though Python remains to be the predominant language, we try to be neutral in our approach to other languages or frameworks.

Flat organization

We run the development team in Bangalore similar to that in Stockholm. As one of our core value "we make it easy" suggests, we do not have hierarchy at Projectplace. We believe that the best comes out of a person when people are able to talk freely and express their opinion. As opposite to organizations that are process oriented, Projectplace is a people oriented organization.

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