Senior JavaScript Developer, Sweden

Right now the opportunity is open for an experienced JavaScript developer to join Projectplace RnD in Stockholm.

At projectplace we are ramping up for the future with a new frontend architecture. As a developer here you will get the opportunity to form that architecture, but also to develop state of the art project management tools.

You will be part of a self organised and agile team called Sierra. The team is responsible for developing the new Monitor tool that provides a project overview for users working with multiple projects. It’s used by project managers and decision makers and one of the core tools in our offering.

We are looking for people who love their craft, and who want to hang out with likeminded people.


  • are a flat organisation, management is there to serve not to dictate.
  • work with small cross functional teams consisting of 5-8 people who share goals but have different skill sets.
  • are aiming to become one of the biggest players in the world when it comes to online project management software.
  • want you to be the master of your workday, we applaud people who take responsibility and follow through.
  • value attitude to learn much higher than formal competence, you can have 6 months experience or 6 years. We don’t care, we want to look at your work and see your eyes sparkle when you talk about your craft.
  • want people to grow in directions that feels fruitful to them and try to provide an environment that actively coaches this progress.


  • absolutely love technical challenges and problem solving.
  • are a software craftsman who refuses to take shortcuts around clean code and quality, but on the same time likes to innovate at speed
  • want to deliver user value that exceeds expectations
  • love to implement delightful and involving web applications.
  • want to be part of a learning culture where you share your own insight and take part of other people’s lessons.
  • are interested in using agile frameworks like SCRUM and Lean to achieve a high sustainable quality and pace in your team.


  • You understand the usefulness of JavaScript libraries such as jQuery - but your knowledge of JavaScript goes far beyond basic DOM-scripting.
  • You have advanced HTML and CSS knowledge.
  • You are up to date with the latest web technology.
  • You are definitely familiar with at least one other programming language.

If you’re interested, send us:

  • Why you want to work for Projectplace.
  • Stories about what you have done, particularly moments that you are proud of, or something that conveys your competence.
  • A resume, if you want, but rather code if you have any to show.

You can reach us on

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Apply now

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