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We are very satisfied with the Projectplace system and would have no hesitation in making a recommendation to any organisation requiring technology-based project management tools.
Johan Malmberg, Senior Project Manager, Sandvik Mining Australia


Applicable legislation

A significant competitive differentiator for Projectplace is its focus on the privacy and integrity of its client data, including protection from potential access by overseas legislation, such as the United States Patriot Act. All systems are hosted in Stockholm, Sweden, and client data never leaves the Projectplace private cloud.

Privacy statement

The only personal information that can be viewed by Projectplace support and sale staff is the user's contact information - i.e. name, e-mail address, address, phone numbers and membership of projects. Projectplace does not share this information with anyone, nor does it sell or market this information to any third party.

The Projectplace privacy statement explains how the company gathers and disseminates user-related information.

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Cookie information uses cookies to optimise the user experience. Cookies help make Projectplace work according to user expectations.  Projectplace does not collect any personally identifiable or sensitive information without express permission from users.

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Data retention and ownership

Power to the user

All client files stored in Projectplace are owned solely by the user and can be downloaded at any time during the project’s lifecycle.

Once a user has initiated the deletion of project data (by emptying a project’s waste basket or terminating a project) all data is securely deleted within 30 days.

Integration with single sign-on (SSO)

No need to remember multiple passwords

Projectplace supports single sign-on (SSO) and utilises SAML and active directory federation service for its enterprise clients.

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Escrow and exit strategies

Projectplace has been and is a trusted service for cloud-based project management software since 1998. Some 850,000 users in over 160 countries use Projectplace every day with great success. Some of their stories can be read the website.

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Projectplace offers users the technical assurance that all project documents and plans can be downloaded for off-line retention.