Social Project Management - Our Philosophy

Social Project Management, the Projectplace way - Our Manifesto

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A project is a temporary social system where people come together to work towards a common goal. The key to successful project management is therefore to understand how you make a temporary social system perform better.

To do that you need to understand how people are motivated, how they interact to create professional relations and how you can leverage technology to make people feel committed, empowered and passionate about their projects.

Social Project Management represents a dramatic shift toward having collaboration as the heart of project management.

As a result, Projectplace focuses on:

  •  Collaboration, communication & commitment
  •  Transparent information sharing
  •  Social media-inspired tools
  •  Intuitive and easy to use features 

social project management

Collaboration, communication & commitment

We think project planning is important, but detailed planning should be easy to refine when needed. Project plans are essential hypotheses, but should constantly be challenged in response to events inside or outside the control of the project.

The person executing the work should be the one planning it. Most of the project work takes place in the making, keeping and coordination of individual commitments. Therefore we think it is important that team members accept responsibilities. Tasks should not only be assigned but also taken on by the project members themselves.

Transparent information sharing

One classic trap many project managers find themselves in is taking on the role of the "project information system". It is both stressful and limiting to be an information exchange or a filter for everyone involved in a project.

We strongly believe that everyone involved in a project should have access to all the information. Not only does this prevent the project manager from taking on this role, but it also encourages feedback and builds trust in the team.

social project management

Opening up communication in a project leads to the same benefits as when people work closely together physically. One person can easily pick up on a conversation directed towards someone else. This type of unplanned communication enables project members to take initiatives, share knowledge and feel that they are part of the bigger picture.

Social media-inspired tools

Projects are people working together towards shared goals. Therefore effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful project management.

social project management New social media applications like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have created new communication channels that make people, their actions and their relationships much more visible. Today we are used to being able to access real time updates anytime and from anywhere. This is also a critical success factor for all projects.

Our social Project Overview with a conversation tool and Projectplace Documents iPhone app are only two examples of how we are inspired by the evolvement of Social Project Management.

easy to use features

Intuitive and easy to use features

When people from different organisations come together to work, they do not have time to learn complex methods, procedures and tools. Efficient use of applications to support project management cannot be implemented effectively if it is perceived as complex and cumbersome. We believe in using just a few intuitive features to support the daily communication within the project.

Projectplace's tools will continue to evolve with new enabling technology, but always adhere to the way we think easy and efficient project collaboration should be implemented – The Projectplace Way.

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