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Planning in a great way!

Collaborative planning, a social approach to project planning, focuses on sharing, transparency and communication for optimal execution.

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Projects - temporary social systems

Projectplace defines a project as a temporary social system – one that focuses on project communication among stakeholders and project members.

When information is transparent, when sharing, feedback and praise are all a natural part of project management, commitment is so much stronger and involvement that much greater.

”Project collaboration is all about people, which is why we have put all our efforts into developing an online tool that is as social as possible.” Johan Zetterström, former CEO, Projectplace.

Plan as you go

Projectplace encourages rolling-wave planning – the process of planning a project in waves or phases as the project proceeds rather than completing a detailed plan for the entire project before start-up. Building your plan over time as the details of the project become clearer is becoming the default approach in the project management arena.

Collaborative planning

Projectplace’s online collaboration tools increase the chance of running a project more successfully by involving stakeholders in the planning. Social collaboration tools throughout Projectplace help everyone involved to better understand what the project is about, which in turn boosts commitment, engagement and project productivity.

Online collaboration tools


Start your project in just a few minutes!