High efficiency - low TCO

CIOs, IT Directors, Business Process Managers
- Are you under pressure to deliver cost reductions while making your organisation more effective?
- Is your IT department bogged down by administration, with little time to develop strategic solutions for your organisation?

Learn how Projectplace can help you and your organisation re-gain focus with our proven, cloud-collaboration tool!

Document managementShare information & documents with internal and external stakeholders

Instead of wasting your IT department's time and resources with unnecessary administrative work, why not empower your internal customers (marketing, HR, professional services, etc.) by enabling them to setup and manage their own collaboration spaces?

With Projectplace, you can create a collaboration space in minutes and decide which internal and/or external stakeholders have access to what information/documents in the workspace.

Top-class security & access

To ensure that only authorised project members have access to information and work material, we follow a strict security policy comprised of every conceivable aspect of access, communication and back-up:

  • Access control for every transaction;
  • Encrypted communication (SSL) and data storage;
  • Full hardware and software redundancy;
  • Real-time database mirroring;
  • Continual data back-ups;
  • Enterprise, data-center security, including fire protection and climate control;
  • Disaster Recovery Site for disruption-proof, business continuity;
  • Internal processes and functions based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

Since 2005, we've maintained an uptime of 99.9%, making us extremely reliable.

Projectplace customersWhy choose Projectplace?

With Projectplace, your organisation will increase productivity, save time, reduce costs and improve collaboration/communication, both internally and externally.

Projectplace, a comprehensive and complete solution, includes support, training and professional services - if so required. Since start-up in 1998, our focus has been ease of use. Our clients can vouch for that!

Projectplace, Europe's leading, social, project-collaboration tool in the cloud, has more than 1,500 enterprise customers in over 150 countries. Projectplace is the preferred add-on to SharePoint for safe and secure collaboration with external users.