Project management at Budde – the right design

“We achieve success with Projectplace and pass this on to companies with the software as a positive message.”
- Paul Budde

The right design for the projects

Communicating on a shared platform

Budde Industrie Design develops designs for products that are sometimes highly technical for well-known manufacturers from the consumer goods industry, and also primarily from the investment goods industry. The clients provide the necessary technical data and requirements, which usually also come with legal provisions. Throughout the entire development process, the Budde team stays in contact with the client and records progress as well as problems and solutions. Originally, this communication mainly took place via e-mail.

The necessary documents were saved “somewhere” locally by the project team. “Most projects last for three to four years. No client wants people to know about their new design before it is complete.” Above all, their projects should have a shared platform for collaborating on data and the exchange should be speeded up. With Projectplace, the specifications sheet and data are now saved in corresponding folders right at the beginning of a new project, in the same way as all subsequent files.

Everyone involved can therefore access a shared pool of data that is always up to date and accessible from anywhere. “We are all singing from the same hymn sheet, so to speak,” says Budde. The project’s progress almost records itself, all steps and decisions can be verified and the overview is not lost.

“You can see what is happening, when which data is being edited and by whom and when they are sent. Everything can be checked.” An additional effect is the strong impression of reliability given to the customer. Projectplace provides the project team with their own virtual space for the project. “Employees are no longer bombarded by e-mails, their work is much less stressful.” If something happens, whether it is a progression or a change, Projectplace displays it immediately. Budde is particularly taken with the online meeting function.

For the industrial designers, the fact that Projectplace is web-based was an advantage from the start. “What would we do with an internal solution? We also need to communicate with the outside world,” says Paul Budde. It is well received by clients. “They enjoy working with the program, it is viewed very positively.” So well, that Budde now considers Projectplace to be real added value and advertises it.