Bathroom furniture production with Projectplace

“Projectplace has helped us optimize our product development processes. Whenever any problems appear on the horizon, we are now able to react in advance to prevent them from occurring.”
Barbara Burmann, Project Manager, burgbad GmbH


Bathroom furniture manufacturer Burgbad is known for its use of the most modern materials, dynamic product development and innovative design concepts. Its strong growth over the past few years has led to more internal and external people becoming involved in product development processes. To meet this challenge, a centralized collaboration and project management platform was introduced, which enables important information to be shared, and tasks as well as responsibilities to be assigned via kanban boards.

Organization profile

burgbad is a German manufacturer of bathroom furniture and creator of interior decoration concepts sold internationally.

The challenge

A number of internal company departments and external contributors are involved in the development of new products. Centralized access to documents as well as smooth collaboration play an important role.


Fast and uncomplicated communication as well as a simple document exchange are intended to optimally support the product development process.


With Projectplace, the company has found a centralized collaboration platform that integrates and speeds up product development processes, improving collaboration and transparency among the team members and enabling them to focus on the outcome.


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