Alpine World Cups planned on the ski slopes

“An important aspect of the Meetings and Events Management programme is using a tool that is modern and gives you complete control.”
Christer Svensson, lecturer at Campus Åre.


Students at Campus Åre are helping to plan major Alpine World Cups involving several hundred participants, including the Ski Cross World Cup being held in Åre, Sweden.
“Projectplace is a modern and flexible tool that is easy to use no matter where you are – even if that’s out on the slopes,” says Christer Svensson, a lecturer at Campus Åre.

Organizational profile

Campus Åre in Sweden drives higher vocational education within events, sports and great outdoors.

The challenge

Aged project management tools and traditional methods, combined with large external projects, caused unnecessary inefficiency.


Wants to be in the forefront and use a modern tool that allows a future-proofed digital project management and collaboration.


Projectplace is used as an internal communication, planning and collaboration tool and as a tool for the event education. Everything from documents to
planning and execution is kept in the cloud. Projectplace is always accessible for employees and students, wherever they are. Project planning is made on location in the slopes.


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