Implementing an international ERP project with Projectplace

“Projectplace not only looks better than other comparable solutions, but it is also more intuitive and easier to handle.”
Leander van Delden, Solution Manager Org IT International Deutsche Leasing AG


In the financial services industry, unique specifications and security provisions are required for IT applications. Consequently, the IT departments of companies such as Deutsche Leasing AG are faced with a multitude of basic conditions they must meet. If you then add in the international component, you soon find yourself involved in highly complex situations and projects, all of which need to be managed.

Organization profile

Deutsche Leasing AG is the largest non-proprietary leasing company in Germany. The company was founded in 1987 and is based in Bad Homburg.

The challenge

Deutsche Leasing AG’s entire IT infrastructure for its foreign branches is centrally controlled. As such, collaboration and coordination among IT managers, even across borders, is a high priority and entails enormous data security requirements.


A central platform is required to facilitate international collaboration, simplify project management tasks and enable online meetings and effective document management.


Both small and medium-sized projects have successfully been implemented using Projectplace, so much so that the implementation of the international rollout of an ERP software system is now being planned in 22 countries using this approach.


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