H-Hotels AG Improves Project Work with Projectplace

“Projectplace delivers a great framework for the project work. The Kanban boards ensure transparency and clarity – at the employee and project manager level.”
Alexander Fitz, CEO of H-Hotels AG


H-Hotels AG is among the top 10 largest German hotel companies and is one of the last privately run hotel companies in Germany. The family-run corporation, now in its second generation, has over 3,000 employees.


H-Hotels AG wanted to optimize the company structures sustainably, in order to be able to react to market changes even faster.


After a successful conclusion of the pilot phase, Projectplace was rolled out in several areas and is currently being used intensively by just under 60 employees in the administration. For example, it is being used for the implementation of a large modernization project with several buildings and various crews.


Above all, H-Hotels AG appreciates the transparency, the intuitive operation as well as the Kanban boards. In addition, users benefit from the fact that Projectplace suggests a structure to them, enabling projects to be launched and implemented easily. The communication becomes more target-oriented and the project work becomes more efficient. At the same time, the team members are more motivated and the collaboration is strengthened.


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