Publisher MEDIENHAUS Verlag relies on social collaboration

“It is really practical to be able to read, edit and release documents on the move, and your colleagues in the office can access them straightaway.”
Guido Piech, Editor-In-Chief of IT MITTELSTAND and MOBILE BUSINESS

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Publisher MEDIENHAUS Verlag relies on social collaboration with Projectplace

Since 1993, MEDIENHAUS Verlag has published specialist IT magazines. The special interest publications cover a wide range of topics and report on real examples of application in the IT industry. The publisher's monthly titles include IT DIRECTOR, IT MITTELSTAND, DV Dialog and, since 2011, MOBILE BUSINESS.

A normal day at the publisher is shaped by a close but very flexible form of collaboration, in other words, the editorial concepts must be closely linked to the production. To improve the functioning of release processes, the management of the publishing house started to look for a suitable software solution. They were looking for a cloud service that primarily had a clear document management system, displayed all the release processes and had chat and project planning functions.

A modern cloud solution is used for teams and project work. They chose Projectplace, the European market leader in web-based project work. The requirement for a clear document management system combined with the functions of modern social media platforms clinched it; the possibility to use the solution on various terminal and mobile devices was also welcomed.

Every magazine is a new project

A wide range of internal and freelance professional editors work for the specialist publisher based in Bergisch Gladbach. They research, write and publish all the important issues in the world of IT. So Projectplace also moved into the publishing house. As the editors wanted to familiarise themselves with the possibilities offered by this software and report on it, they tested the tool as part of an internal test project.

“The creation of a new print issue is always a new project for us – with a start date and an end date”, says Guido Piech, Editor-in-Chief of IT MITTELSTAND and Mobile Business. “This project involved both a range of internal colleagues and external service providers. You need to always have an overview, to have access to all the data but also to be able to respond flexibly and promptly”, he explains. Projectplace performed so convincingly during the test that the publisher decided to introduce the tool as a company-wide platform.

As the solution is self-explanatory, everyone was already able to work productively with it after a short introduction. At first, only the document management system and versioning were used, which were often a helpful support during editing or proofreading processes. The editorial team were pleased with the simple sharing of data and documents and the clearer differentiation between content for the on- and offline publications.

On the path to success with social and mobile features: like it!

Projectplace’s social media functions enable participants in a project - such as a magazine issue - to discuss their work easily via a central chat platform. “By clicking on ‘Like It’, you can show what you think of an interview or an article”, says Ina Schlücker, Editor-In-Chief of IT MITTELSTAND.

But MEDIENHAUS Verlag also benefits from using Projectplace in other ways. As the editors spend a lot of time travelling, working in the cloud – including from iPads or other mobile devices – is a significant advantage. “It is really practical to be able to read, edit and release documents on the move, and your colleagues in the office can access them straightaway”, says Piech.

Summary: Interactive collaboration in the cloud makes it easier for the publishing house to create and produce its specialist magazines and websites professionally. The simple sharing of documents and information combined with the social features are particularly popular.