Prodata Mobility Systems boosts efficiency by 30%

“We’ve been able to form stronger and more transparent relationships with our partners and customers”
Tom Lievens, BID manager, Prodata Mobility Systems.


Prodata Mobility Systems’ Objective is to improve public transport across the globe, enhancing the competitiveness of our customers and helping them in their mission to keep passengers happy and safe whilst traveling.

Organization profile

Prodata Mobility Systems is an international technology provider to public and private transport sectors.

The challenge

In need of successful project collaboration tool for dispersed customers and partners.


Using Projectplace will help Prodata Mobility Systems to manage its projects more effectively, helping the company build long-standing relationships with its customers.


Staff productivity is up by 30% with documents easily and securely shared with partners and customers in real-time, speeding up the time it takes to implement projects. Both Prodata and external stakeholders have full visibility of project milestones. The business saves 10-20% each year in travel. With projects being delivered on time, Prodata’s customers can get the general public where they need to be safely and on time.


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