Overview in a project with multiple sections at ProEvent

“With Projectplace, we can present the data relating to a project all together and much more clearly. It makes work significantly easier.”
Axel Zens, Managing Director, ProEvent GmbH

Overview and flexibility

Achieving the unexpected

Whether it is an unforgettable event, an inventive product presentation or a funny advertising campaign: whenever something needs to be made into a sensation, ProEvent GmbH is in demand.

Since 1994, the Neuss-based advertising and marketing agency has organised events for well-known clients with passion, attention to detail and the highest level of professionalism. The clients’ individual requests are key: the six employees consider the clients’ specific demands and characteristics just as carefully as their marketing.

The requirement

A shared platform

Excel and Word, the traditional Office programs, were the usual toolkit for ProEvent’s project plans. The project managers listed deadlines, participants, tasks, responsibilities, progress – in short, all the details that were needed for the relevant project. If there were changes, the project managers sent the files by e-mail to everyone involved. Their notes came back to the project managers, were incorporated, and the whole thing was sent round again.

“It worked,” says Axel Zens, Managing Director of ProEvent GmbH. “But we wanted to progress. There was such a vast amount of work involved.” If a client asked for an overview of everything that had been done so far, it meant half a day of research. Then, when ProEvent received a particularly extensive long-term project, the decision was made: a professional project software was introduced.

The aim was to integrate lots of different project participants and enable them to access the necessary data. “A web-based solution was ideal for this,” says Axel Zens. He looked at what was available on the market, tested Projectplace, and was convinced.

The solution

Flexible, together, clear

With Projectplace, ProEvent has created a shared platform for all participants in a project where all the documents and data are saved. “E-mail attachments have therefore become unnecessary,” says Zens.

“With Projectplace, everyone is working with the same system.” If new documents are created or existing ones are edited, participants receive an e-mail with a direct link to the document.

The questions for project managers, which were previously common and were usually sent via e-mail to the whole mailing list, have almost stopped. “Now everyone can easily look up what they want to know for themselves,” says Axel Zens. Each person can simply access the files via the Internet according to their user rights, so external participants and external service providers can also be included without any problems. “In Projectplace, we bring everyone's services together and the client can follow our progress live.”

Flexibility is an important factor for Axel Zens. First of all, it means you can access the project from anywhere, whenever you are working. “For example, if I have to discuss something with a client on a Saturday, I can do it conveniently from home.” And mobile terminal devices are useful for that too. “It makes including external service providers, such as the promoters, even easier.”

However, the Managing Director also values the flexibility of content offered by Projectplace. For example, the long-term project has nine sections; it is sort of made up of lots of smaller projects, which are partially combined with each other. In each section, certain employees are involved, deadlines must be met, material resources are needed. With a few clicks, Axel Zens can see where there are overlaps and where time and resources are available. “In this way, we can respond very flexibly to spontaneous requests from clients and change a task as necessary or start a new one.” This is well received by the client, as is the quick availability of overviews, even if they are not current.

“We can very easily compile the data from the history and, for example, can list the locations of previous advertising campaigns.” For Zens, Projectplace has made work significantly easier.