RRP Architekten + Ingenieure

"With Projectplace, we can manage our projects without having to do much at all. Tasks are conveniently delegated and we always have an overview. "
Henning Lensch, RRP Architekten + Ingenieure.

The company

Planning and Building for Health

From its inception in 1962, RRP Architekten + Ingenieure has specialized in constructing hospitals. The architecture firm has other large buildings projects in the entire health sector in Germany and worldwide. At the headquarters in Munich, in Berlin and branches in Singapore as well as the project offices in Nigeria and Libya, RRP Architekten + Ingenieure unites all specialties under one roof. With approximately eighty employees they offer complete project services from one source.

The requirement

Structure for data and projects

RRP Architekten + Ingenieure previously coordinated their project by e-mail and its own server. The larger and more international the orders, the more difficult for their system to handle this. Planning agencies, contractors, suppliers, clients, the Project Management – located in several countries – and all parties involved needed to be finely tuned with one another. "It was absolute chaos," says Henning Lensch. Our e-mail inboxes were overflowing with all the correspondence from the CC project. "To distinguish relevant from irrelevant messages cost time and effort." E-mails with huge attachments - such as construction plans- were not delivered at all. And there was no proof of whether or not e-mails were received.

"In the worst case, people denied having received e-mails, which could also have legal consequences. And we could not prove with certainty that a document was sent," says Lensch. In addition, files locally stored with the respective parties were not accessible by others. One’s own FTP server was not the answer.

"We would have needed a full-time employee to inform everyone concerned about a new or amended document on the server. And the cost for this could not be passed on to the client." For a major project in Libya an alternative was needed.

The solution

More than a server

As project participants the RRP Architekten + Ingenieure had already had good experiences with Projectplace and adopted a systematic method. They analysed the market and stayed with Projectplace. Appropriate references helped to convince the clients of the benefits.

"A web-based software solution is very useful for us," says Lensch. Important for him was the opportunity to select different languages. Now, all international parties can easily integrate into the project.

"The service is so simple that no one has problems." An Internet connection, web browser and personal password is enough to log into the project. RRP Architekten + Ingenieure determine who has access rights to what documents.

"This is very convenient as different specialist are involved in the different project stages. We can also determine when and how long a document can be accessed for specific persons,” he says. All project documentation, including plans and offers from consultants, are centrally stored and accessible. The latest version is guaranteed: if a document is being edited, the editing function is locked for other users at that time.

For Lensch, Projectplace is more than just a server solution. "The software helps manage the projects without us having to do much."

Through Projectplace, Lensch simultaneously distributes tasks with deadlines to the respective people in charge. When documents are changed or re-filed, the project manager is notified automatically by email. Once a week, an automatic report is sent, summarising all activities together.

"As such, we have a good overview of the project and stay on schedule.” For Lensch, it’s especially important to be able to monitor downloads at any time, and if necessary, be able to prove if plans have been downloaded or not." This gives legal certainty.

Projectplace has proven itself with RRP Architekten + Ingenieure. They even recommend the software service to other clients.

"The system is incredibly reliable; there is never any difficulty accessing our data," says Lensch. He also appreciates the speed with which the expanded scope of services is available when needed.

"Everything runs smoothly, which really is not the norm in the industry." Above all, Projectplace provides structure to the communicative chaos as well as time for the project managers to carry out their actual tasks. "We only spend half as much time on administrative tasks."