“The system contains all documentation relevant to each individual project. Using Projectplace we can coordinate the information and communication correctly in the projects. And for us this is absolutely necessary in order to deliver successful projects.”

Joar Nedregård, Project Manager at Skanska

A longstanding relationship with Projectplace

Skanska has been using Projectplace as a web-based project management tool for projects of all sizes since 1999. Having started in 1998, we see this as a testament of our commitment to build meaningful business relationships with our customers.

Skanska is one of the world’s leading building contractors with over 4,400 employees in Norway. The group works with demanding construction projects, in which a multitude of specialist consultants need to be kept up-to-date. These types of comprehensive projects can pose a number of project management challenges.

Skanska has been using the Projectplace solution since 1999. Helge Strømsheim, Project Manager at Skanska, says that Projectplace was the only company on the market that could offer a satisfactory solution at the time. Projectplace was very early in offering web-based project management tools. Long experience has helped Projectplace become a leading supplier of tailor-made, professional solutions for a large market.

“With such demanding planning assignments, it is particularly important that we have a user-friendly central project management tool. Projectplace’s interface satisfies this requirement in an excellent way. Quite simply, it’s extremely practical!” says Strømsheim.

Strømsheim describes the projects as extremely intense, and says it is vital to be able to disseminate large amounts of information to a lot of different specialists, at all times. Having continuous access to up-to-date information via Projectplace is an important factor in keeping everyone involved in an efficient manner.

“There are many users in the system, and there a lot of major projects. The system contains all documentation relevant to each individual project.”

Skanska has also tried other project management tools over the years.

“But we are still delighted with Projectplace. We basically have a project management tool that is continuously being updated and developed,” Strømsheim explains.

Aside from user friendliness, Strømsheim says there are many benefits associated with using Projectplace.

“We have a better overview and control of our projects. Projectplace also reduces the time and costs required for information exchange. Web-based project collaboration of this kind means more efficient use of both time and money.”

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