Projectplace helps TB Spirits Group save 1,300 man hours a year

“Using Excel and email might be ok when you have only a few clients with one or two projects. We needed something that encapsulates project management, collaboration, document sharing and communication in one easy-to-use, seamless solution.”
David Large, Strategy and Brand Development Director, TB Spirits Group.


TB Spirits Group, a boutique spirits consultancy, was looking to grow its client base and help its geographically spread clients launch successful beverage brands faster. Projectplace, with its intuitive kanban boards and Gantt charts, has become a critical tool for the business, giving employees on average five hours a week back to focus on client-related initiatives. Being able to set priorities, collaborate and communicate regarding all project deliverables in real-time and on one platform, TB Brands claims to save 1,300 man hours a year by using Projectplace.

Organizational profile

TB Spirits Group is a Chicago-based boutique spirits consultancy that helps distillers create successful beverage brands.

The challenge

Grow customers across multiple locations and help them increase sales.


Enhance employee productivity to deliver customer projects faster.


Projectplace has become a strategic tool for the business. The unique combination of kanban boards and Gantt charts has helped employees plan and execute projects efficiently, resulting in increased productivity. Increased transparency and improved communication between TB Spirits Group and its customers has boosted customer satisfaction.


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