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"The great advantage of Projectplace is its easy accessibility. Our total focus is on making documents available at all times, ensuring that everyone can access the documents they need and to remove any doubt about the validity of those documents. We have full control over the system, and that was exactly our aim."
Wouter op den Velde, Head of IT, Van Oord
  • Ensure the validity of project drawings, designs, specifications and approvals
  • Improve communication with external contributors anywhere in the world
  • Securely store files outside the firewall, with the ability to set access rights
  • Keep track of all changes and ensure you are working with the latest version of documents etc.
  • Avoid emails and make all documents and feedback available centrally
  • Save time and money with online meetings
  • Get new members started quickly and easily – regardless of computer knowledge

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Managing project data in the energy sector is a challenge because of the large amount of documents that need to be shared by project participants around the world. There are many areas of responsibility, and mistakes in any area can result in huge financial consequences for the companies involved.
Use the Projectplace centralised web-based collaboration system to provide a transparent document history and eliminate the risk of losing changes or duplicating work. This ensures simplified traceability and access to your project drawings, designs, specifications and approvals. We have successfully helped our customers in the energy industry to get started on their projects. Contact us and we’d be happy to offer you our advice!


  • Easily manage project data with geographically dispersed teams of sub-contractors
  • Share large documents in one secure and central location, outside the firewall
  • Make documents available at all times
  • Ensure real-time status of project drawings, designs, specifications and approvals
  • Control the level access to various folders in the project
  • Get new members started quickly and easily – regardless of computer knowledge


  • Speed up communication with parts suppliers - no matter where they are in the world
  • Share all documents in one central and secure location, outside the firewall
  • Gain continuous access to the correct version of drawings and specifications
  • Meet strict document requirements – save all project updates and changes made by contributors
  • Increase transparency with effective document version control
  • Keep track of the project's status, responsibilities and deadlines – discover deviations early


  • Share all project relevant documents and communication in one place - avoid delays in all stages of project delivery and the associated costs which are incurred by the customer
  • Keep suppliers up-to-date with access to a real-time status delivery timetable – everyone can track progress
  • Get an overview of every projects' progress and gain insight into deliveries internally, and externally from subcontractors to customers
  • Provide your customers with their own access to their project's progress - improve customer service and engender greater trust

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