Succeed with your online event planning in Projectplace

  • Get things done with Gantt charts  and Kanban boards
  • Stay in control of your commitments with a personal to-do list
  • End email chaos and keep work and discussions in one place

Looking for version controlled document management, advanced project control and reporting? Try this and lots of other perks in the free trial of Projectplace Enterprise.


Any company that decides to take part in a trade show or organise a conference or seminar will find itself running an event project. Whilst for museums, concert and event promoters, trade show arrangers, etc., these are everyday events. The result of such a project is the completion of an event.


  • Here and now – take the opportunity
  • There is a clear deadline that cannot be moved
  • It consists of many different components
  • Lots of people are involved particularly towards the end of the project
  • Projects are often driven by committed project managers

What part can Projectplace play?

  • Kanban boards – engage your team and visualise progress with day-to-day tasks
  • Issues on a kanban board – any issues or questions can be mailed directly to a specified mailbox and the issues manager can forward them to the person(s) responsible for dealing with such issues
  • Project overview – an overview of the project’s aim and the major decisions that have been taken can be created
  • Documents – all the latest documents can be stored online, so that members personal mail boxes don’t become overloaded with big files.
  • Meetings – easy to organize meetings and invite participants from all parties
  • Online meetings – meetings can be held with advertising agencies and proposals can be viewed online.
  • Automatic reporting – any changes in the plan from the previous day can be distributed to the parties concerned
  • Project templates – previous projects can be used as a template for new ones


At Projectplace we provide the structure and the tools necessary to run a successful project. By simplifying the communication process and enabling all members access to relative information, projects are more effective and easier to manage.

Many projects are often a combination of the different genres. However, you can identify the key aspects within your project and find out how you can simplify them and make them more effective with online event planning in Projectplace.

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