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Bring your virtual teams together in one place – in a tool that is everything you and your agencies need to plan and execute work. Simply get things done.
Get a complete insight, control and visibility of project and work goals, tasks and timelines, and get those innovative campaigns and events out the door on time and on budget.
Modern tool for the modern marketer. Embrace agile processes and tools to benefit your marketing in amazing ways. Projectplace will get you started in minutes.

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@-ref your team members

Ask for help, give feedback and inform your team members.

Divide work tasks on cards

Assign to the person most suitable for the task and get a clear overview of everyone’s progress.

Drag and drop cards

As work progresses, simply drag and drop your card between the columns.

Use colour labels

Use colour and text to label and categorise cards. Adjust your labels under Settings.

Change name on columns

Change name of the columns to represent your teams workflow

Specify card details

Connect a card to an activity on the gantt chart, estimate work effort, comment, attach files, and set due dates.

Go agile within your marketing teams

  • Shine the light on what your team members and agencies are working on
  • Always know who is slammed and who can take on more work
  • Work more efficiently across departments & with agencies and contractors
  • Say goodbye to those final_final versions of your creative assets
  • Track work progress as you go
  • Execute campaigns, events, and web projects fast
  • Engaging work collaboration, in the office and on the go

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  • 82% less time wasted
  • 71% stronger sense of team
  • 74% fewer project delays
  • 69% better control of costs

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“We love the flexibility of the tool and how much more it can do than emails. The way we were doing things in the past now seems so antiquated.”
Susanne Korta, Project Manager Florida Virtual Campus

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Discover the benefits a work collaboration software like Projectplace can add to your marketing.

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