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Oil & Gas—a high risk industry

The Oil & Gas industry is affected by operational, financial, and regulatory processes that are far more complex than in many other industries. Consequently, companies that strive to be successful in this project-oriented business must be able to quickly recognize and act upon industry changes as well as changes within on-going projects.

Any failings or delays in these high-value projects have considerable financial and/or environmental consequences. The requirements of geographically dispersed and cross-organizational teams put extreme pressure on stakeholders to ensure that all involved parties have access to the latest information and documents.

Tough solution requirements

The stakes and risks of Oil & Gas projects, along with their associated costs and complexities, are certainly putting available support solutions to the test. Needless to say, the capability to efficiently manage projects of various sizes and complexity is crucial for staying competitive.

Unfortunately, many of the companies struggle with non-integrated, fragmented support solutions. A common obstacle is how projects are being organized and supported, where the lack of an overall overview results in reduced project management and decision-making capabilities.

What is Projectplace?

Projectplace is Europe’s leading tool for project collaboration in the Cloud. Projectplace allows you to keep all project information in a central, secure place, with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world. The latest information is constantly available to you and your team, regardless of whether participants work in your organization, as a customer/supplier/partner or sub-contractor.

Benefits of using Projectplace in Oil & Gas projects

Projectplace is a well-established standard within the Oil & Gas industry with clients in over 150 countries. Click here for reference clients.

  • Projectplace provides a centralized portal for all project data.
  • Internal and external members can be invited to share documents and other project information.
  • Projectplace supports the entire project lifecycle.
  • A project can be started within minutes; no need to burden your IT department.
  • You are in control of who can access what information; Projectplace is compliant with the industry’s security standards.

High ROI will quickly be achieved!

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