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Projectplace brings teams together to improve collaboration and get things done. Our customers experience:

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"By using Projectplace we saved a full man-year on the project.”
Kim Christensen, Senior Project Manager at Carlsberg


Smart project collaboration

Whether your team is down the hall or on the other side of the globe, Projectplace provides everything teams need to set direction, communicate, execute tasks, track progress, and ultimately achieve goals, no matter where they work.


Dashboards and reporting

Give all stakeholders the overview they need to make smart decisions, for one or several projects. Visualization of Kanban-based task management, milestones in the Gantt chart, and key KPIs enables project managers, team members, and other stakeholders to get an instant overview of how projects are progressing in relation to the plan.

Workload management

Quickly understand what your project members are working on and how busy they are. Gain visibility of commitments across projects: who is working on what, the resource workload at any given point of time, and who might be available for additional work.


Proven cloud solution

  • More than 1 million users
  • Top-rated security - never lose your data with version management
  • Military-grade encryption of files, both in transit and at rest
  • An ISO-27001 certified service with 99.9% service uptime

Calculate your ROI

Quickly get an estimated return on investment in the calculator below or book a customized calculation here.


$ 20$ 250

0$ 20,000

Net gain year 1:

ROI year 1:

Net gain year 2:

ROI year 2:

How did we calculate this?

  • According to our customer survey Projectplace saves on average 15 mins of wasted time per user and day.
  • According to customer interviews travel costs are on average reduced with 20 %.
  • We take into account implementation ramp-up times and slightly lower usage rates for each team member during the first year and also to a lesser extent for the following years due to new member on-boarding.
  • Costs are also based on our list price for Team Edition. For large teams please contact us for a customized ROI study.

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