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The kanban experience

The Kanban board is a visual representation of the work stream, where each work task is represented by a card. As work progresses, the project member assigned to the task in question simply drags and drops his/her card between the planned, working on, and done columns (customizable). Checklists on the cards help team members structure the different actions they need to complete before moving the card to “Done”.

This transparent and highly visual approach boosts motivation and engagement within the project team. It also makes follow-up of project deliverables both easier and more accurate, within a single project or across multiple projects. Project managers and stakeholders can easily access information on the status of deliverables throughout the project – without being overwhelmed by details.

Working with Kanban boards supports an agile approach, making it very easy to prioritize work and re-plan whenever needed. Using boards is ideal for Scrum projects.

Learn how to work with task management on a Kanban board.

Communicate on a Kanban board

Managing communication among and across teams is a common challenge, with many project teams using email to discuss projects and tasks. But as long as dialogue resides in each individual’s inbox, the project will suffer. When new resources join the project, they lack a centralized and transparent view of project history.

With Projectplace online Kanban boards, conversations are held where user need them. Along with the work items, the project dialogue is easy to backtrack when needed, and everything is safely stored in the cloud.


All in one place

Projectplace online Kanban boards provide a highly visual planning experience, directly connected to project execution. While the boards provide project teams with full insight into who is doing what, Gantt chart visualization enables stakeholders to keep track of all scheduled deliverables. When working with both Kanban boards and the online Gantt chart tool, the true progress of day-to-day work is automatically aggregated for the project management to view and analyze. There is no need to trouble the team for additional progress reports.

Projectplace document management feature works smoothly alongside the online Kanban boards. Project members can securely attach relevant files directly to the cards on the board for easy access – from their desktop, from a Dropbox, Google Drive or Box account, or the document archive available in Projectplace Enterprise.

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With our dispersed project teams, spread across the world in different time zones, the kanban board is an invaluable tool which allows a level of productivity that would not be possible with a manual board.

David Prescott, Global IT Project Manager at AEG Power Solutions


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