Document management add-on

Simplify your document management

Document Management features

It has never been easier to work with documents. With our add-ons for document management, you can completely rule out the possibility of misinterpretation, and always work in the correct version of a document. From the table below, you can choose which add-on that's most suitable for you. Both are free, all you need is a user account.

Add-on features Projectplace Plug-in Document Manager
Drag and drop files to and from your desktop, and within the project    
Lock files while editing    
Automatically open files in the correct program    
Get reminder to save back files when you shut down    
 Get instant access to Projectplace with our PowerTab (see below)     
Web Browser Internet Explorer
Operating System Windows

Windows and Mac OS

* To use the Projectplace Plug-in in Windows Vista, you must use the 32-bit version of Vista. To use the Projectplace Plug-in in Windows 7 64-bit, you must use the the 32-bit version of IE8 or later. You need to uninstall previous versions before upgrading to a later version.

** Do you use Google Chrome?  Read here first

*** Recommended for all other combinations: browser-and platform-independent. Requires Adobe Air 2.5 or higher. System requirements for Air. Requires Adobe Flash Player 10. System requirements for Flash.



- Quick access to your project and easy integration with MS Office

The PowerTab is part of the Projectplace Plug-In for Internet Explorer. It´s located at the top of your screen and it gives you instant access to some of the key features of Projectplace, directly from your desktop. In addition, you can easily work with your documents with the help of our integration of MS Office.

Powertab in Projectplace

The PowerTab allows you to:

  • quickly log in
  • reach your shortcuts
  • see all your assignments
  • see which documents you last worked with
  • start or join an online meeting
  • contact project members via e.g. sms and e-mail
  • upload documents from MS Office