Document management for your project needs

Projects tend to generate a lot of working material, such as documents, images and other files. Managing these files in a secure, structured and easily accessible way can be essential for project success.

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  • Military-grade encryption
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File sharing anywhere, anytime

Projectplace document management allows project members to reach important files – anytime and from anywhere. Using the document management feature, you can share and collaborate around documents throughout the different tools of Projectplace.

  • Store all project-related files for easy access, whenever you need them
  • View, organise and share your content from multiple devices
  • Share files with anyone – whether the person is a Projectplace user or not
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Share with confidence

Collaborating around documents can be painful without a reliable and easy-to-use document management feature. Distribution, version management and security can all be bothersome issues when you need to share files with colleagues, clients or external partners. But with Projectplace you don’t need to worry – just share and collaborate with confidence!

  • Thanks to real-time updates, all changes are visible as soon as they happen
  • By locking the files while you work, you prevent others from making changes at the same time
  • View document history to keep track of changes – who has read and/or edited the document, and when?
  • The drag-and-drop interface lets you drag files directly from your desktop
  • Refer to your documents throughout Projectplace’s different features – like in conversations and from the cards on your boards
  • Access  and share your Dropbox and Google Drive documents directly from Projectplace

Gather feedback with document reviews

You can send document reviews to your partners or employees, and collect all comments and changes in one place. The built-in approval workflow tracks when reviews are done and what changes the reviewers requested.

Safe and secure

It’s easy to organise your information and control exactly what invited users can see. The role-based permission lets you set access rights on folders to make sure the right user sees the right content. Projectplace offers maximum availability, regular backup and security with military-grade encryption, so your files will always be safe.

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Start collaborating now!

  • No installation
  • Military-grade encryption
  • 99.98% service uptime


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