Box extension

Box + Projectplace = true

Box offers a solution for managing and sharing files across your business. You can easily link your Box files to your Projectplace tasks and projects.

How the box extension works

Link your Box files to your Projectplace activities, milestones, tasks (cards) or conversations. This enables you to keep everyting together in Projectplace - your team, your work, your documents and your conversations.

Box extention from a card in Projectplace
With the Box extension you can link to your Box files directly from a card in Projectplace

How to integrate Box with Projectplace

In a conversation post, milestone, activity or card, do the following:

  1. Click on “attach files”
  2. In the file picker, click the “Box” tab
  3. Log in to your Box account
  4. Select your file and click “Attach”
  5. Done. 

Enjoy the Box extension with Projectplace!

Box extention in Projectplace
Box extension in Projectplace