Create and customise with Projectplace API

Create applications that access information in projects and present it in new ways. You can develop new workflows, tailor your own functionality, emphasise your brand and much more.

Customise your project experience

Using the Projectplace Application Programming Interface (API), you can build custom applications and add-ons. Our APIs give you access to your project content, such as documents, tasks, comments, contacts and more, and enable integration into other systems – such as your company intranet or a mobile app. In short, they allow third-party developers to develop their own Projectplace applications.

Integrate with your enterprise systems

Projectplace API offers a flexible way to safely interchange business-critical information stored in Projectplace with your other enterprise systems.

By assimilating Projectplace functionality into an interface familiar to your organisation, you can simultaneously benefit from both the strength of your own branded environment and a variety of features from a very powerful project collaboration tool.

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To access Projectplace API, you need to have a Projectplace account and be a registered Projectplace third-party developer.

Read more about our APIs and access the API console on these pages.


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The easiest way to cool integrations

With the service connector Zapier, you can take advantage of Projectplace’s open API and customise functionality – without writing a single line of code.

Choose from hundreds of online services that Projectplace can connect with! Send emails directly to your board, automatically create a task for each mention on Twitter or send a chat message when a project step has been completed. Create your own combinations or use ready-made templates. This way you can build complex service integrations, without having to hire a programmer.

When using Zapier to integrate, you don’t need to be registered as a third-party developer with Projectplace.