Email + Projectplace

Most of us spend a lot of time in our email clients during the day. That's why it is handy to create and follow tasks on your Projectplace boards by email. 

How it works

By connecting a board in Projectplace with a Gmail or Zapier email address you ca create tasks (cards) on your Projectplace boards by sending emails. Share your connected email address to allow your entire team to create tasks on your boards from emails. 

You can also send emails notifications from Gmail or Zapier to people or email lists when your tasks are updated in Projectplace. This makes it possible to track task progress and creation of new tasks on your Projectpalce boards. 

Connect Email and Projectplace

To set this up for your team, do the following:

  1. Create a Zapier account
  2. Select what integrations (called zaps) you want to use and log in to Zapier. Here you find the Gmail and Zapier email zaps. You can also get one of the most used email zaps here to the right.
  3. Connect your Gmail or Zapier email addreses with your Projectplace boards from your Zapier account by using the zaps. 
  4. Done.