Calendar Sync + Projectplace

Projectplace helps you organize your work in teams and projects. Often these projects contains key dates and milestones you need for planning your everyday life. With this integration you may keep your calendar in sync with key events in Projectplace.

How it works

In Outlook or your favorite calendar you can select to subscribe to your Projectplace calendar feed. In Projectplace you can configure your feed so that you only get the right level of details and from the teams that you need to track on a daily basis.

Connect Outlook or your calendar with Projectplace

To set this up, do the following:

  1. In Projectplace go to the settings (you find it in the User menu)
  2. Look for the Calendar feed and copy your personal feed URL
  3. In Outlook or your calendar app, find the "Subscribe to calendar" setting and paste your Projectplace personal feed URL 
  4. Done.