Google Sheets + Projectplace

Google Sheets are useful for gathering and structuring information in files, e.g. task list or things that needs action from your team. You can connect on your Projectplace boards with Google sheets to automatically create tasks in Projectplace as new values gets added to your Google sheet.

How it works

By connecting a board in Projectplace with a Google sheet you can create new tasks as cards in Projectplace  from rows in your Google sheet. This makes it possible to quickly import a number of tasks to a project team or to create new  tasks in Projectplace as new rows gets written to your  Google Sheet e.g. from a survey in a Google Form.

By connecting Google Sheets and Projectplace, you can also write to your Google sheet when a task in Projectplace is updated or marked complete. This can be useful for sharing progress with people who are not members in your Projectplace teams or projects.

Connect Google sheets and Projectplace

To set this up for your team, do the following:

  1. Create a Zapier account
  2. Select what integrations (called zaps) you want to use and log in to Zapier.  You find the zaps here.
  3. Connect your Google account with your Projectplace boards from your Zapier account by using the zaps. 
  4. Done.