MS Project + Projectplace

Microsoft Project is a popular tool for planning projects. If you have created a MS Project plan for your team or project, you can easily use it when you start your team in Projectplace. Import it to Projectplace to share it with your team and stakeholders in just a few minutes.

How it works

Import your MS Project plan in the Projectplace Plan tab to create the milestones and activites for your project. Invite the right set of people to Projectplace to align your team and stakeholders with the steps towards the goals. Start working off your plan with your team on the Projectplace boards. Enjoy real-time progress tracking straight from your Projectplace plan as work gets done. It just works.

Import your MS Project file to Projectplace

To import your MS Project plan to Projectplace, do the following:

  1. Go the the "Plan" tab of your project
  2. From the cogwheel menu (upper right) select "Import MS Project". 
  3. Select your MS Project file (xml format) and click "Import"
  4. Done.