Issue management on a kanban board

Managing issues on a board is easy and rewarding, as it very clearly visualises the status of the project and provides full insight into who’s doing what.

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Benefits of issue management on a board

The online kanban board visualises the work that needs to be done to achieve your project goals. Associating each issue to the correlating activity in the Gantt chart tool gives you a direct connection between the project plan and the actual work being done. This gives you a fast, accurate overview of the effort required to achieve a specific goal.

Issue management on a board reinforces team spirit and good behaviour, as the transparency allows everyone to see who did what and the social features encourage feedback to your team.

Instant notifications

Projectplace offers a social way of embracing project collaboration. When working with issue management on a kanban board, you and your team can benefit from a variety of possible ways to interact.

The board itself can also provide notifications on particular occasions. For example, when a due date has been added to a card, an email reminder will be sent to the assigned person on the day by which the issue is supposed to be completed.

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Issue management with cards

Each card on the kanban board represents an issue that needs resolving, and you can assign cards to project members responsible for resolving the issues. As the work progresses, the assigned person can simply drag and drop his/her card between the columns on the board, where each column represents a step in the project workflow.

Example of issue management with cards:

A Project Manager (PM) has made a list of all the issues that needs to be resolved during a specific project phase. The PM gathers all these issues in the “Planned” column of the board.

During a planning meeting, the project team prioritise the cards by dragging and dropping them into the right order.

When a team member starts working on a task, they can drag that card to a second column –named “Working on” for example. And when a task is done, the assignee can drag their card to the “Done” column. Or, if the tasks in your project generally require testing, the card could be placed in a columned named “Test” to indicate that it’s ready to be tested or reviewed. It could also be reassigned to a team member responsible for performing the test.

One issue per card

By gathering all the information essential to resolving an issue on a card, the person responsible for it doesn’t have to waste time searching for information elsewhere. For example, issues can be discussed directly on the card, where the team members you wish to include can be referred to and thereby notified. You can also attach related files for easy access, either from your desktop, from the document archive in Projectplace, from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Some examples of information a card might contain:

  • title and description
  • person responsible
  • estimated work effort
  • due date
  • coloured labels
  • the activity the issue is connected to
  • documents and other files
  • comments

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@-ref your team members

Ask for help, give feedback and inform your team members.

Divide work tasks on cards

Assign to the person most suitable for the task and get a clear overview of everyone’s progress.

Drag and drop cards

As work progresses, simply drag and drop your card between the columns.

Use colour labels

Use colour and text to label and categorise cards. Adjust your labels under Settings.

Change name on columns

Change name of the columns to represent your teams workflow

Specify card details

Connect a card to an activity on the gantt chart, estimate work effort, comment, attach files, and set due dates.

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