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Projectplace has an agile approach to project planning, providing collaborative project planning tools with a focus on planning, execution and progress tracking.

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@-ref your team members

Ask for help, give feedback and inform your team members.

Divide work tasks on cards

Assign to the person most suitable for the task and get a clear overview of everyone’s progress.

Drag and drop cards

As work progresses, simply drag and drop your card between the columns.

Use colour labels

Use colour and text to label and categorise cards. Adjust your labels under Settings.

Change name on columns

Change name of the columns to represent your teams workflow

Specify card details

Connect a card to an activity on the gantt chart, estimate work effort, comment, attach files, and set due dates.

Work collaboration tools

A collaborative software encourages an open, transparent dialogue. Involving stakeholders in the planning increases the chances of running a project more successfully or making work collaboration more efficient. And when sharing; feedback and praise become natural parts of your daily work boosting team commitment.

Projectplace helps everyone involved to better understand what the project is about, which in turn improves work  productivity.

online project planning tools
Social project planning tools in Projectplace

Plan as you go

Projectplace work collaboration software enables rolling-wave planning – planning a project in waves or phases as it proceeds, rather than completing a detailed plan for the entire project before start-up.

Building your plan over time as the details become clearer is a particularly useful method in projects where it’s hard to foresee future activities with consistent precision over the entire project period.

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