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Collaborate with your team in one place

Whether your team is down the hall or on the other side of the globe, give them everything they need to achieve goals together.

Plan your work and get everyone aligned

Create a joint goal

Visualize your goal and the plan to get there in a classic Gantt chart. Share the timeline and get your team onboard.

Get everyone aligned

Get your team focused on the next milestone and make sure you’re working on the right tasks.

From goal to action

Execute on your plan together with your team on Kanban boards.

Manage your work in one place

Visualize and share your team tasks on Kanban boards
Tailor workflows to suit your team needs
Delegate tasks to team members and let everyone see who’s working on what and what’s coming up next
Collaborate and communicate easily with @mentions
Attach documents to cards from Dropbox, Google docs, Box, or your desktop

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End the email chaos

Discuss your work where the work is done. Your tasks, files and comments all stored in one place.

Say no to unmanageable ‘Reply all’ e-mail chains, endless document versions and discussions stored in personal inbox.

Stay in control of your commitments

Know what tasks are coming up and plan their execution. List personal tasks only visible to you and your team commitments. Decide what´s on your agenda for today, tomorrow or later.

Stay engaged and up-to-date on any device. At anytime, anywhere.

Track real-time progress with powerful dashboards

Get real-time progress updates

Follow your team’s ongoing progress in Kanban boards and in shared timeline, across multiple teams and projects.

Act on the things that matter

Use powerful dashboards to understand where your attention is needed. Be sure to be working on the right tasks.