Status widgets

Projectplace widgets show project status, number of days left before deadline
and overall project attitude, enhancing commitment and participation.

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Status widgets

What are widgets?

You can add ‘widgets’ – or miniature applications – to your project, conveniently displayed above the gantt-like timeline. These widgets indirectly encourage greater commitment and participation.

As administrator, you determine which widgets you want displayed for any given project: Action Status, Countdown, or Team Spirit. You can have all three displayed.

Action Status Widget

Small wins create a sense of progress, which, in turn, engender even greater progress. This widget gives a quick overview of project progress. As administrator, you can choose to indicate this as a counter – number of completed vs. non-completed actions – , as a percentage figure, or a meter symbol. Showing this helps encourage project flow and momentum. 

Countdown Widget

People respond to deadlines. This widget displays the number of days remaining until the next project step deadline, which is also visually reinforced by a flowing hourglass symbol. This raises awareness of time remaining for project step completion and highlights the potential necessity for re-planning or re-allocating resources.

Team Spirit Widget

This widget allows project members to indicate their general attitude about the project by rating their level of satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. This is a key indicator of the overall project mood. If team spirit is spiraling downwards, it may be time to examine the cause in order to find ways to get back on track and boost team spirit upwards.

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