Improved resource visibility with workload management

Knowing what your people are spending their time on is key to informed decision making and reprioritization. With the workload management tool in Projectplace you continually get updated information without having to wait for people to report or email the latest information.

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Benefits of workload management in Projectplace

Workload management in Projectplace enables managers and other key staff to gain visibility into the commitments across projects for all project members over time. It provides information about all overdue, ongoing and planned cards and activities for each project member within your account. When needed you can also get additional details when viewing a specific project member.

With workload management you can easily determine:

  • Who is working on what?
  • What is the current or planned workload of a resource?
  • Who might be available for additional work?

Get a clear overview of all current and upcoming work of your whole team with Projectplace´s workload management tool.

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Workload self-assessment

Project members can personally assess their workload and provide immediate feedback on the level of work demands. They can choose whether they feel “comfortable” or “under pressure” about their workload, and will one week later be reminded to update their status.

The workload self-assessment instantly addresses three crucial questions:

  • Who is available for more work?
  • Who needs help?
  • Where are the potential risks?

This gives project managers a clear view of who can take on more work and who is overloaded. Project managers can quickly check for bottlenecks, discuss commitments and work situation within teams and with individuals and form the basis for decision making and potential redistribution of work.

Workload management vs resource management

Projectplace workload management presents the actual data pulled from the system and does not make assumptions or guesses. It shows you what is there and lets you do your own analysis. Workload management gives great support for focusing on delivery and overview of current and predicted resource availability.

In traditional resource management, project managers ask their team to report their time, and once that is done the system creates automatic reports from the information.
It builds on detailed knowledge of capacity and supports maximizing resource utilization.

Both workload management and resource management give you a great overview of your resources and depending on the level of detail you need, any of the methods will help you manage your resources successfully.

Access to workload management

The workload management features can be utilized in Projectplace Enterprise package. Account admins will be able to access the workload management data by default, and will also be able to grant access for specific members in the account.

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