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 “We have reduced our travel costs and the time for travel by more than 20%."
Bernd Sengpiehl, CIO, AEG Power Solutions

How much money will you save using Projectplace?

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$ 20$ 250

0$ 20,000

Net gain year 1:

ROI year 1:

Net gain year 2:

ROI year 2:

How did we calculate this?

  • According to our customer survey Projectplace saves on average 15 mins of wasted time per user and day.
  • According to customer interviews travel costs are on average reduced with 20 %.
  • We take into account implementation ramp-up times and slightly lower usage rates for each team member during the first year and also to a lesser extent for the following years due to new member on-boarding.
  • Costs are also based on our list price for Team Edition. For large teams please contact us for a customized ROI study.

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