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“With our dispersed project teams, spread across the world in different time zones, the kanban board is an invaluable tool which allows a level of productivity that would not be possible with a manual board.”
David Prescott, Global IT Project Manager at AEG Power Solutions

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@-ref your team members

Ask for help, give feedback and inform your team members.

Divide work tasks on cards

Assign to the person most suitable for the task and get a clear overview of everyone’s progress.

Drag and drop cards

As work progresses, simply drag and drop your card between the columns.

Use colour labels

Use colour and text to label and categorise cards. Adjust your labels under Settings.

Change name on columns

Change name of the columns to represent your teams workflow

Specify card details

Connect a card to an activity on the gantt chart, estimate work effort, comment, attach files, and set due dates.

The kanban experience

The kanban board is a visual representation of the work stream, where each work item is represented by a card. Each stage of your workflow is represented by a column, determined by the team. As work progresses, the project member assigned to the item in question can simply drag and drop his/her card between the columns.

This transparent and highly visual approach boosts motivation and engagement within the project team. It also makes follow-up of project deliverables both easier and more accurate.

Project managers and stakeholders can easily access information on the status of deliverables throughout the project – without being overwhelmed by details.

Working with boards supports an agile approach, as it makes it very easy to prioritise work and re-plan whenever needed. Using boards is ideal for Scrum projects.

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