Product updates

The next twelve to eighteen months, Projectplace product development will focus on making the offering even more suitable for performance-driven projects and teams. Visit our blog to read about past updates, some of which were originally proposed by users themselves in Projectplace Ideas.

Product Roadmap

The next twelve to eighteen months, Projectplace product development will focus on making the offering even more suitable for performance-driven projects and teams. These are some of the areas we are working on.

A broad appeal: project management and collaboration
Projectplace aims to develop a product with broad appeal. In 2013, “Projectplace Extended” represented a great offering towards larger organisations with complex project structures. Starting in 2014 we will extend the offering in the other direction as well, with a new entry level offering, “ToDo” to address needs among customers with simpler project management needs. Moreover, going forward Projectplace will progressively leverage Internet eco systems and strategic partners to extend Projectplace capabilities, and to make Projectplace data more accessible to customers. We believe this will help customers who increasingly rely on 'best-of-breed' applications for different needs to find that Projectplace is a good fit. Finally, during 2014 will include updates to the product so that it better covers the 'middle' segment of project management needs -- situated between the simple entry-level segment and the more advanced “Extended” segment. This will be accomplished through the introduction of radically improved support for planning and executing project plans as well as powerful new stake holder engagement features.

Roadmap items to realize this direction during 2014 include: 

  • A revised Gantt with greatly improved goal breakdown capabilities, much more useful connection to kanban boards, and dependencies. 
  • 'Project Monitor' - a powerful new way for project stake holders to keep track of status for multiple projects, with dashboard views that easily make information provided from Projectplace actionable.
  • Provide project and account resource availability information aimed at project managers and stake holders.
  • Introduction of a new entry level offering based on the Boards tool
  • Introduce integration with third-party online repositories such as Box and Office 365
  • Provide the new online meeting feature as a value-added option with improved capabilities.

User delight
We are determined to deliver a service to customers that they perceive as immediately beneficial, easy to use, accessible, and responsive. We believe that happy users are ones that find that Projectplace removes real pains, keeps them informed and engaged, and requires a minimum of effort to get the job done, at any time, on any device. Thus, the path towards increased usage is not only about providing a set of features but about delivering them in the best possible way with a single purpose: to empower people and organisations to reach their goals. 

Roadmap items to realize this direction during 2014 include:

  • Final release of the brand new Documents tool, providing industry-leading performance and a new fresh new user interface with exciting new capabilities.
  • Tie users' desktop and mobile devices experience closer to Projectplace data and events.
  • Final release of new Search feature and introduction of dynamic, event-based ways of discovering information relevant to projects and users.
  • Overhaul of service front-end for radically improved performance, usability, and better support for viewports of many sizes and different devices.

It’s easy to be a Projectplace customer
Being a Projectplace customer should be easy. Therefore, supporting customer-facing administrative chores in the simplest possible way is a priority for us. 

Roadmap items to realize this direction during 2014 include:

  • Simplify users' management of their personal information and preferences, allowing for better customization of the Projectplace experience.
  • Improved ways for customers in the 'Project Office' to manage administrative tasks themselves that today require assistance from Projectplace employees.
  • Project member management performed by project administrators will be modernized and enhanced significantly.


Past updates

We add new or improved features to Projectplace in releases about once a month. Releases are typically done without any interruption of service to our customers. Read more about past updates in our blog



2014 Release Dates

  • 28 January
  • 25 February
  • 25 March
  • 23 April
  • 20 May
  • 17 June
  • Rest of 2014 to be determined