Product updates

The next twelve to eighteen months, Projectplace product development will focus on making the offering even more suitable for performance-driven projects and teams. Visit our blog to read about past updates, some of which were originally proposed by users themselves in Projectplace Ideas.

Find out what´s new in the latest release of Projectplace.

Product Roadmap

The next twelve to eighteen months, continued development of Projectplace will primarily target needs among project managers and initiative owners within organizations. 
Enhancements and additions to the offering will help project managers and initiative owners to:

  • Visualize plans and make sure work is assigned to the right people;
  • Stay updated about progress; encourage, and help teams focused on subsets of work stay on target;
  • Make sure work processes are efficient and transparent to help people contribute towards the overall goal;
  • Manage delivery interdependencies between teams.

Also, significant improvements will be introduced that support the need of initiative owners and resource owners to track progress, status and performance in multiple initiatives with common goals. In other words: 

  • Understand, contribute to and act in alignment with the organizational direction
  • Operationalize strategic initiatives into tactical objectives
  • Monitor progress towards common goals
  • View and manage resources
  • Organize strategic and tactical initiatives within and between departmental structures

Past updates

We add new or improved features to Projectplace in releases about once a month. Releases are typically done without any interruption of service to our customers. Read more about past updates in our blog



2015 Release Dates

Major updates to the service are scheduled monthly. These are the planned major release dates during 2015. 

  • 28 January
  • 25 February
  • 25 March
  • 28 April
  • 27 May
  • 24 June
  • 19 August
  • 30 September
  • 28 October
  • 25 November
  • 16 December