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Stay updated and optimise your work by using our latest desktop and mobile add-ons!

Mobile apps

iPhone, iPad & Android Apps

On the move?

Stay on top of your projects – with our mobile apps!

  • Check latest developments of all your projects             
  • Make, view and share latest document changes
  • Communicate and have your say
  • Comment on and add Actions
  • Access document and contact list, aggregated from all your projects 
  • Work offline

Projectplace is available on App Store and on Google play.
Download our apps now. 

Download for iOS (iPhone/iPad)              


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Desktop apps (Enterprise only)

Document Management Add-ons

- Simplify your work with documents

  • Lock files while editing
  • Edited files saved back automatically
  • Automatically open files in the correct program
  • Get instant access to Projectplace from your desktop

You need to uninstall previous versions before upgrading to a later version.


Download Projectplace for Mac   (All browsers on Mac OS)

Download Projectplace for Windows   (All browsers on Windows OS) 

More information and system requirements