Portfolio Management with Innotas by Planview

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Date: February 16 2017, 10-11 am CET 
Location: Online (webinar)
Speaker: Karolina Jackson-Ward, Manager Customer Experience

Are you working on the right things? Which new project initiatives will work in regards to your time, budget, resources and business goals? What is everyone working on right now? Can they take on more work? Which roles are bottlenecks in your organization? Can you achieve your goals with the resources at hand?

To help you answer all these important questions, Innotas strategic tools provide top down visibility into your projects and resources. Start off by assessing project requests based on your strategic goals – see the end result and the impact on your organization before the project has even started. Allocate your resources by role and availability. Use dashboards and reports to follow up and get your stakeholders on board.

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