Internet Latency test

How fast is your connection to Projectplace?

When using an Internet service, such as Projectplace, the following must occur before any page is displayed:

  • 1. Your web-browser makes a request for information
  • 2. The service provider processes the request
  • 3. The requested answer is sent back to your browser over the Internet
  • 4. Your web browser displays (renders) the answer graphically

If you believe you are experiencing slow performance with Projectplace, one or more of the following factors can be the cause of the problem:

Network Latency

To measure how quickly your connection to Projectplace can receive data, a Simple Network Latency Test can be performed.  This checks whether your connection can quickly respond to many small requests over an encrypted HTTP connection.

You can use the Latency Test on the right to attempt to download 100 small images. The time this takes can depend on the browser you are using and how well your access to the internet supports HTTPS.

If the result is less than 10 seconds, you should be able to work relatively easily with Projectplace. Anything over this can indicate that there is some kind of proxy between your computer and Projectplace that is limiting the speed with which you can work within the service.

Internet Bandwidth

The quality of the internet connection between you and Projectplace dictates how fast you can transfer data to and from Projectplace. 

To reduce the time it takes to transfer data, Projectplace makes use of a Content Delivery Network to optimise the delivery of data with an emphasis on Customers who are outside of Sweden and Central Europe using the services of Akamai.

You can use this test to determine how fast you can transfer data to Projectplace:

System Performance

We work hard to handle every request as quickly as possible and adopt many strategies to reduce processing time and improve performance. The majority of requests that we handle are processed within 0.05 seconds to 0.40 seconds. Despite this, there are certain types of requests which are data intensive and take time. 

We measure our System Performance by the average time it takes for all operations to be processed.  i.e. from when they are received to when the final byte of data is sent back. This is presented on the System Performance Page. Look for the daily Average Speed measurement.

For advice on how to optimise your performance, please perform the Latency test you see to the right as well as the Bandwidth Speedtest .  You can then contact Projectplace Support with results from the tests as well as information about which type of Internet Connection and Web Browser you are using.


Latency Test

This test will simulate loading an image many times from Projectplace.

Please repeat a few times, results will vary depending on browser and network usage close to you. 

Test target:

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