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Successful project planning

Solving the Challenges of Work Overload

How Structured Collaboration Can End the Chaos

Location: Online "Webinar"
Speaker: Zach McDowell, Projectplace Product Manager and Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research

Managing The Chaos Of Work

Using Collaborative Work Management To Get Things Done Jason Morio and Guest Speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Margo Visitacion discuss using collaborative work management to get things done.

Speaker: Jason Morio, Projectplace Product Director & Guest Speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Margo Visitacion

Tips and Pitfalls for the Modern Marketer Making the Leap to Agile

Practical tips and methods to start collaborating and working in a more “agile” way.

Location: Online "Webinar"
Speaker: Jason Morio, Projectplace Product Marketing Manger

Making the leap to Agile within Marketing: A practical success story

Learn how the transition to agile helped one marketing team cope with rapid change and growth.

Location: Your Desk (Webinar)
Speaker: Ryan Doherty & Jason Morio

Practical Project Collaboration for Product Owners and Scrum Teams

Find out how Projectplace Product Development uses Projectplace to significantly improve agile execution and stakeholder management with teams around the globe.

Location: Your desk (online webinar)
Speaker: Zach McDowell - Product Owner, Projectplace

Project manager's guide to getting things done

Watch our free webinar and learn how to effectively plan a project, distribute resources and deliver on time.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Karolina Jackson-Ward, Manager Customer Experience

Connecting Global Teams with 21st Century Project Collaboration: A Customer’s Story

Find out how Mentor Graphics uses Projectplace to significantly improve project collaboration, task management and organization with teams around the globe.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Jason Morio and Brian Tharp

Project Management with Kanban 2.0

Learn how Kanban goes beyond setting goals and getting things done.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Jason Morio, Projectplace Segment Manager

Project Culture: Get the Work Done!

This webinar will explore how to drive collaborative culture to improve productivity and business value.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Stephen Carver and Steve Beaumont

Webinar: Effective leadership for value-driven teams

As a leader you play an important role when it comes to motivating your staff and shaping their behavior.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Karolina Jackson-Ward, Product Manager for Projectplace at Planview

How to capture business benefits through lean and agile management

Watch our free webinar and learn more about lean and agile management within project collaboration.

Speaker: Jason Morio
Language: English

Turn Project Chaos into Harmony

Watch our webinar and learn how to make sure your projects won’t be taken over by chaos.

Speaker: Maria Nordborg
Language: English

Online collaboration trends

Conquer the Chaos: Simplifying Collaborative Work

Projectplace will introduce and demo “Workspaces for all types of work” live from the booth at SXSW.

Location: Online (Webinar)
Speaker: Zach McDowell, Product Manager - Projectplace

From Project Collaboration to Portfolio Management

Watch our free webinar and learn about the benefits of combining project execution & portfolio management in one tool.

Location: Online (webinar)
Speaker: Sophie Pacton, Ingénieur d'affaires
Language: French

A look inside Projectplace - the next generation of collaborative work management

Learn how you and your organization can leverage the next generation of Projectplace to help revolutionize the way you work.

Location: Your Desk (Webinar)
Speaker: Zach McDowell, Projectplace Product Manager at Planview

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