Five new project buzzwords you need to know

Speaker: Mattias Hällström, founder of Projectplace Projectplace International

The webinar is held in English, and will last about 30 minutes.

Online project-collaboration tools are abounding and evolving - and with them come new ways of working and innovative concepts. Join Mattias Hällstrom and learn how some of the latest buzzwords in project management have evolved in meaning over time, why they are important and what difference they’re making in project work today. Tune into the founder of Projectplace, Europe’s leading, online, state-of-the art, project-collaboration tool.

Mattias Hällström, founder of Projectplace International, is passionately interested in human nature and its implications on social technology.

Hällström continues to apply the learning and insights gained to the project collaboration software his company has created. It is a work in progress, under constant refinement, probably one of the best of its kind out there today.

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