Less is more: mobile freedom & efficiency

Speaker: Jens Andersson, Mobile Engineer, Projectplace

The webinar is held in English, and will last about 30 minutes. Watch it live or view it at a later time, free of charge.

Skepticism about mobile work apps is often largely unjustified. The point is not to work or be accessible all the time. Mobile freedom means you choose when and where it best suits you to work. In the taxi? In incremental spurts? A night owl? But do yourself a favour: be sure you’ve installed the best-in-class social communication, collaboration and document-sharing app; accessible in a flash and easy as a breeze to use. Learn how you can, through mobile efficiency, spend less time doing more.

Jens Andersson is part of a small, yet passionate mobile team at Projectplace International. Active in the mobile field, Andersson and his team bring Projectplace clients the latest in state-of-the-art, mobile apps. Current focus is on the iOS platform. Jens holds a M.Sc. Eng. from Lund’s Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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