Collaborate or fail, the reality of the modern world

Speaker: Jason Morio, Projectplace Segment Manager
Guest Speaker: Andy Jordan, President of Roffensian Consulting Inc., an Ontario, Canada based management consulting firm with a strong emphasis on organizational transformation, portfolio management and PMOs.

The modern working world is one of constant change. All of us are expected to work together to improve our organization – to make it more effective and efficient. Some of those initiatives are structured as projects with formal methodologies and processes and dedicated teams. Far more are informal, collaborative endeavors that must still deliver tangible results. 

How do we ensure those results still happen?  How do we work together to improve things without having to leverage the bureaucratic processes of larger projects?  In this webinar Jason Morio is joined by Andy Jordan to look at this very topic. Building on the sometimes startling results of a recent survey of 200 US professionals they look at some of the common mistakes team make in working together, offer stories on how those mistakes can be avoided, and provide practical tools that every attendee can apply in their workplace. Among other topics, discover:

  • The top five hurdles to collaboration and how to avoid them
  • The tools that are currently being used to support these collaborative initiatives – and the tools that should be used
  • The business and team impacts of these challenges and the solutions that organizations are putting in place to overcome them

Join Jason and Andy for an entertaining and enlightening webinar that will leave you with actions you can immediately apply to improve the way you and your colleagues work together.

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