Managing The Chaos Of Work

Using Collaborative Work Management To Get Things Done

Speaker: Jason Morio, Projectplace Product Director & Guest Speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Margo Visitacion

Customer-obsessed firms take an outside-in approach, relying heavily on collaboration, to deliver desirable products and services. Product, marketing, and technology teams exchange information with a wide circle of people, both internal and external to the company. Email remains the vehicle of choice: 77% of information workers use email for internal communication, while 76% use it for external communication with partners and clients. Over half of information workers are on email constantly. These interruption-driven activities reduce the amount of time spent on an actual task activity to a mere 18%. How does anyone get anything done?

Managing the chaos of work requires solutions that enable teams to have a centralized location to work collectively and share digital content deliverables such as documents, presentations, web content, and videos and capture the contextual conversations around the activities being performed. This webinar talks about the need for collaborative work management solutions and how they can bring greater productivity without adding extra work to the work you’re already doing.

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