Practical Project Collaboration for Product Owners and Scrum Teams

Find out how Projectplace Product Development uses Projectplace to significantly improve agile execution and stakeholder management with teams around the globe.

Speaker: Zach McDowell - Product Owner, Projectplace

Agile execution can get complicated and overwhelming quite quickly. With a myriad of stakeholders, requirements, deadlines, and execution styles, managing a scrum team can be overwhelming – especially when your team is working with a bunch of different tools. Good news, it doesn’t have to be!

Join Zach McDowell, Product Owner at Projectplace, for a discussion around how Zach has been successfully able to leverage Projectplace to manage his scrum teams and create a more collaborative and efficient agile process within the Projectplace PD Organization. Hear from Zach how Projectplace Product Development was able to benefit from the following:

  • Drove collaboration at every level of the agile planning process.
  • Utilizing analytics and team metrics to understand and predict progress, road blocks, and capacity.
  • Creating a concise plan including past, current, and future deliverables.
  • Enabled teams to easily manage commitments and stakeholder expectations.

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