Forrester Vendor Landscape: Collaborative Work Management For The Enterprise (August 2015)

Serving Customers Requires Tools That Work The Way Users Work.

Today’s organizations work differently – people work from home, on the road or at the client site. The type of work is also different. It’s fast-paced and highly collaborative. Traditional project management tools are too sophisticated, and collaboration tools on their own can quickly become virtual water coolers because they distract from the task at hand. In a marketplace that demands a fantastic customer experience and immediate response in the delivery of products and services, companies need tools and methods that enable greater transparency into work and customer experiences. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Today’s Employees Need a Better Way to Work 
  • Collaborative Work Management Tools Support The Way People Work
  • Application Addiction Drives Grass-Roots Adoption


Language: English
Author: Margo Visitacion

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